While all art is primarily created from within and comes from inner reflection, I personally find that nature and seascape photography is particularly more about meditation and finding peace within than about creating an image. A part of it is also about wanting to preserve those amazing ephemeral natural scenes forever and enabling you to experience a piece of them too.

In nature time stops and we can finally just be. We can let our thoughts go, be still and quiet, listen to the silent sounds of waves dancing with the wind. No need to speak, no judgments and no questions – only answers that come in the form of a blissful serenity within.

When nature is out of your reach because of everyday life commitments, I hope you can catch a tiny piece of that blissful feeling through my images.

* All landscape photos are available for purchase as prints on high quality photo paper or as high resolution downloads. Please contact me for more information. *

Slovenian coast